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For all product support issues including bugs as well as feature requests, email the following information to support@jazsoftwaresolutions.com :

  • Name of Product
  • Version # of product (should be on the startup/home screen or on the About/Credits screen)
  • Bug information or Feature Request (for bugs, please add in steps to reproduce the bug)
  • Hardware you experienced the bug on (iPhone, iPod Touch, etc...)
  • Firmware version of the hardware (all newer iPhone products are on v3.0 for example -- you can get this information from the Settings App, go to "General" and choose "About")

For iRxHelper issues, please do *not* email us names of specific prescription drugs.  You can use "DrugA", "DrugB", etc... if it is necessary to send us bug information with prescription information.

You can also post bugs via Twitter (jazsoftware) and learn about new and pending software updates as well.

Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the "abuid" text that shows up when I try to call my doctor or pharmacy?
A: Unfortunately this comes from the Apple 3.0 Operating System - whenever a 3rd party program brings up an address book contact and the user attempts to make a call from that contact, you will see this text at the end of the phone number followed by some digits.  You are still able to make the phone call however.  Note: this issue has been resolved in the 3.1 Apple software release.

Q: I forgot the passcode I entered into iRxHelper - what do I do?
A: For security, if you forget your passcode, the only solution is to delete the application and reinstall it from the iTunes store.  You will lose all of your prescription data but you can start using the program again.
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